Reefs for Life!

Reefs for Life is a non-profit organization established to bring life back to damaged coral reefs and hope back to the communities that depend on them.



  • Over 80% of all coral reefs are severely over-fished.
  • We have already lost 27% of the worlds coral reefs.
  • Dynamite fishing and the use of poisons to catch fish are killing coral reefs in developing countries.
  • Pollution from run-off and rivers causes widespread damage to coral reefs.
  • Without intervention, 60% of the worlds reefs will be destroyed within 30 years.


Coral reefs all over the world are disappearing, taking with them possible cures for diseases and food security for millions of people.  Without intervention, we will lose these vital eco-systems that provide a source of protein for over 500 million people and coastal protection from storms that would otherwise destroy towns. 

There is still hope!  Reefs for Life is addressing the factors that cause the decline of coral reefs.  Restoring the coral reefs and training local populations to care for them will ensure that reefs and people can remain healthy for generations to come.

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Reefs for Life is using EMA technology to restore damaged coral reefs back to health.  EMA is the only restoration method known that produces the natural limestone which corals need to grow on.  It also accelerates coral growth, healing, and resistance to stress due to anthropogenic factors and climate change.  A safe, low voltage, electric current is applied which flows through the metal frame.  The electric field causes minerals in seawater to precipitate and adhere to the metallic frame.  The result of this process is a build up of calcium carbonate on the steel frame and the creation of a favorable environment for attached coral.  Hydrogen bubbles can be seen rising from the structures as the process works.


  1. 4x-8x faster growth rates for a variety of coral species with more color and branching.
  2. Coral is up to 50 times more resistant to disease
  3. Increased resistance to warming sea temperatures and other anthropogenic effects
  4. The calcium carbonate produced is an ideal substrate for coral settlement
  5. No need for heavy equipment to install, since the steel frame is lightweight
  6. The structures can "heal" themselves after damage from storms



      Coral Reef Restoration only becomes sustainable if the people that live near them understand the importance of coral reefs and provide care and protection for them. Coastal communities can easily create their own EMA structures, giving them ownership of the coral reefs they are restoring and protecting. 

      Reefs for Life works along side community leaders to help start social enterprises - businesses that allow people to earn money and at the same time help the environment.  Our education programs empower the people with the knowledge to manage their natural resources in sustainable ways.


      Actively managing 11 Marine Protected Areas
      Established 4.88 square miles of marine sanctuary no-take zones
      18,000 square feet of active coral reef restoration
      Started 11 volunteer organizations that represent over 10,000 fishermen.
      We have collected 9,182 Eco Bricks this year which is 10,121 pounds of trash!
      Built and installed buoys to mark 9 Marine Protected Areas
      Started Coast Creations, a social enterprise that enables the people to earn money through eco-tourism.
      Increased fish catches in communities with Marine Protected Areas.


        OUR VISION

        Additional funding will allow us to catalyze a movement of communities coming together to protect their coral reefs and the future of their children.  As each town creates their fish sanctuary, coral reefs will be protected and restoration projects started.  

         Entire regions will merge into a giant fish sanctuary and reef restoration zone that will turn back the tide of coral reef destruction, and communities will be transformed from the largest threat to coral reefs into their greatest caretaker and advocate.