Leather Belt - Peace Silver Dollar - Maduro
Leather Belt - Peace Silver Dollar - Maduro

Leather Belt - Peace Silver Dollar - Maduro

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Peace Silver Dollar 
The heavily embossed strap was designed from a late 13th Century architecture in France. The back of the belt is branded with the Seraph logo on the suede side and branded with, "Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California USA".
The American made solid bronze buckle  design is based off of the 1921-1935 USA Silver dollar. That was made just after WWl ended and peace began. After WWII and proceeding cold war our current era is called the long peace. So may peace reign on earth with intelligence, vigor, vitality, prosperity and love for all people! 
The back of the buckle has our dash-dot- diamond pattern behind the American eagle sitting on the rock called peace. We always tie in a Bible verse that compliments the style of the belt. The verse for this belt reads, "And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:7
Belt Strap Construction 
The belt is constructed of hand picked Italian top grain leather and Italian calf suede. The leathers are hand cut, sewn and finished in Los Angeles. 
We use a bold thick thread for edge stitching. The edges are painted with 6-10 coats of Italian durable edge paint. The tip of each belt is custom designed to compliment the overall belt theme.  
Buckle Description 
Each buckle was originally made from a wax carving with high details. The hand carving creative process usually takes 3-4 weeks before it is then cast into the master. The master is then polished finished and a mold is made that will be used for producing the production waxes that are then cast in Los Angeles from American Bronze or American White Bronze. We use patinas and different finishing processes depending on the buckle.
Leather Belt - Peace Silver Dollar - Maduro